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At the Ayar Jungle Resort, no foodie will be left disappointed! Indulge in a unique food journey at our resort, with a holistic experience that caters to much more than just your taste buds! Soak in the aromas wafting through the air, get engulfed by the tranquillity of the majestic yet calming mountainous backdrop, topped off by the sheer joy of tucking into mouthwatering delicacies – the evocative experience is sure to leave you feeling more than fulfilled!

Dining at The Ayar Jungle Resort is a truly delightful and a one-of-a-kind experience with the Only Live Grill in Town matched perfectly with Live Singing & Bonfire, Chiq Interiors & Ambience, Rejuvenating Music, Morning Breakfast welcomed with a resonating Live Flute Player and a Serene Atmosphere to top it all off.
The enticing aroma wafting through the air should do its part to guide you towards the Garden of Eden – our restaurant at the Ayar Jungle Resort. Serving the choicest of international delicacies, it is the perfect place for you to spend a relaxed evening! Garden of Eden Restaurant serves Fresh Food from the Live Grill, variety of Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Continental Cuisines. We even serve some appetising International Favourites such as Grilled Whole Trout & Whole Chicken, American Burgers and Sandwiches, Authentic Italian Pastas and Pizzas! Special menus are featured on Festivals and Long Weekends.
Garden of Eden is a multi-faced Restaurant showcasing upto 4 of its unique moods for the Guests to expe

Garden of Eden is a multi-faced Restaurant showcasing upto 4 of its unique moods for the Guests to experience and indulge in!
1 – Breakfast by the Bae – The chilly mornings start with rare birds dropping by the resort for their usual errands. The Flutist adds the much needed morning melody setting the right tone for your day.
Enjoy Live Breakfast in Open Air!
Lush Green Surroundings, Mountainous Views, and your Bae relishing your Favourite Belgian Waffles, American Pancakes, Dilli ke Chole Bathure, or even Local Favourite Bun Tikki and Bun Omelette! WhatsApp Image 2021-05-20 at 1.26.41 PM (1)

2 – Live Grill – Garden of Eden changes the Live Breakfast mood to a Continental Grill by the day showcasing some of its Top Continental offerings such as Grilled BBQ Chicken, Whole Trout, Sikandari Raan and so much more. The A La Carte Menu boasting of cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Pan Asian and Mexican can also be devoured!

3 – Golden Evenings – Stroll down the Beautiful Jungle and stop by the Garden of Eden for yet another Face of its own. Experience Hot in Cold to strike the perfect balance to beat the weather. Head Basking in the Sun, Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate in one hand and the other beating to the uplifting tunes of Eden especially created for the Golden Evening. Indulge into Chef Curated Wood Fired Pizzas!

4 – A Night to Remember – Garden of Eden turns the tide yet again to transform Harmonious evenings into a charade of Live Music, Bonfire Dance & Lavish Dinner. Soothing and Melodious Singing by the Live Singer matched perfectly with Appetising and Mesmerising Food at your table which is kept warm by the Bonfire, grooving to your music; only leads to a Night of Remember!

Our team is more than willing to accommodate requests for Romantic Candlelight Dinners, or incorporate separate set-ups for Special Occasions such as Anniversaries or Birthdays. If you prefer to gorge on our delicacies from the comfort of your room, you can avail our in-room dining option, which is available round-the-clock.