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Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned adventure enthusiast, there is something for everyone at Ayar! Zip Lining, Sky Cycling, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Star Gazing and

Birding, Trekking and Caving are some of the activities that await you during your visit here. Strap on your adventure boots and get yourself that adrenaline fix!

Trekking, Caving, ATV & Table Tennis

Our property has 2 Trekking Paths which our guests can enjoy in complete Privacy and Safety.
Tiffin Top - An Organised 45 Min Uphill Trek ascending from the Property, taking course through the Beautiful Jungle and culminating at the most Popular Sunset Point in Nainital!
Caving - A Private Trek Organised by the Resort and available Exclusively for In-House Guests takes you through the scenic Resort views of the Jungle right into the caves and out to another Sunset Spot of our Own! A MUST TRY
One for the Adrenaline Junkies! Ride around a Dedicated Section for the ATV Experience. Motor around the slopes and Exquisite Trees to get a glimpse of the scenic beauty at your own pace!
Ping Pong your way through all the Monday Blues with a classic game of Table Tennis with your beloved/Family or Friends.

Sky Cycling & Cycling

If Cycling is an activity that you love indulging in, you're in for a treat to explore SKY Cycling only at Ayar! You will be Cycling in Open Air on a Broad Rope tied between Two Points at Extreme Ends with you and your Bicycle Securely tied to the Rope. Oof, What Rush!
Cycling in and Around the 6 acre Property, or in and around the Hills of Nainital; Breathing Fresh Oxygen, keeping fit during your stay and reaching famous tourist destinations or even a local eatery is always a good idea!

Rock Climb, Zip Line, Archery & Shooting

If you're looking to overcome your fear of heights in the most adrenaline-pumping way possible, Rock-Climbing, Zip Lining and Rappelling are the activities for you! You will be taught to climb rocks and assisted by ropes and carabiners, and also taught abseiling or rappelling, which refers to the controlled descent off a vertical drop, all under Supervision of Professionals!
Come Try Archery by the lawns at Ayar Jungle Resort! Modern and Safe Archery Experience offered at the Resort with Professionals guiding you through the step by step process to help send through your first arrow on Target!
Throw off the rust and polish your shooting skills seen just like in movies with Shoot the Bottle, A bandwidth ranging from the smallest to the tallest looking Bottles around!

Private Dining by the Jungle

With our Private Dining Experience we dedicate a service member to you for the evening. He shall setup a lovely candle-lit dinner, just for the two of you, on the privacy of your own deck or a Dedicated Restaurant Area for complete Privacy!

Private Bonfire

With our Private Bonfire Experience a member of our service team is privately assigned to you for the evening. He shall setup a lovely setting around a crackling bonfire, just for the two of you, under the stars or a private wooded setting outside your Room.​​

Star Gazing & Birding

Our isolated location, devoid of light pollution, offers our guests a spectacular look at the heavens. Gazing up from the comfort of their private decks, our guests particularly enjoy the starry skies. If you’re Lucky, you may even see a Shooting Star!
Our forest canopy will offer you a perfect opportunity for spotting, as numerous resident and migratory birds inhabit our property. Feel free to click on the sound symbols beside each bird to listen to the calls that you may expect to hear.

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*All these Activities are carried out under Extreme Supervision and Watchful Eyes of an Experienced Team of Individuals with all Safety Precautions in place.*