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Historic Bits

Ayar Jungle Resort is an epitome of Natural Luxury. Set across a sprawling private jungle which gels perfectly with the natural surroundings and the local Flaura and Fauna, the rugged and woody Ayarpatta Hill (2235 metres) as it is often referred to derives its name from anyar-patt (in local Kumaon language) means ‘the part of complete darkness’. The forests here were so dense than sunrays could not penetrate the vegetation. The lakeside road at the base of the hill was called Thandi Sadak (Cold Road) for the same reason.

The city is full of rich History and Culture –

George William Traill, the first British Deputy Commissioner of Kumaon and Commissioner from 1815 to 1835, learnt of this enchanting lake ringed by mountains and meadows from locals who celebrated an annual fair here. Yet, his love for the natives and their simple Pahadi ways made him keep its location a well-guarded secret for years. Traill feared that such a beautiful space would become an escape from the hot North Indian summer, and the influx of people would be would besmirch its pristine environment.

We take a leaf from the above fears of Traill and have tried to create a space to showcase that nature and human species can coexist.


About Us

Ayar Jungle Resort


Our Villas are Modern, Plush & Chic with a twist of Classic Wooden Exteriors whereas our Tent Houses have ample space & an Upscaled approach with all amenities you can wish for –
All Day Bar and Live Teppanyaki Grill, Bonfire and Live Singing by the Restaurant, Adrenaline Adventure Sports like Trekking, Zip Lining, Sky Cycling, High Speed Wifi & Buggy Service complete the Perfect Stay.

A Beautiful Setup of a Private Candle Light Dinner overlooking the long and rustic Wooden Bridge leaving you in awe of the jungle, a Private Bonfire set up right outside your Villa or at the Garden of Eden for you to immerse yourself into nature, Bold Adventure Sports like Rock Climbing, Rappelling or Fun for all Archery & a Dedicated Play Area for kids takes the Resort to an all new vantage altogether. Rock Climbing, Archery, & A Mini Golf Course takes the Resort to an all new vantage altogether.


Garden Of Eden

At the Ayar Jungle Resort, no foodie will be left disappointed! Indulge in a unique food journey at our resort, with a holistic experience that caters to much more than just your taste buds! Soak in the aromas wafting through the air, get engulfed by the tranquillity of the majestic yet calming mountainous backdrop, topped off by the sheer joy of tucking into mouthwatering delicacies – the evocative experience is sure to leave you feeling more than fulfilled!

Garden of Eden is a multi-faced Restaurant showcasing upto 4 of its unique moods for the Guests to experience and indulge in!

1 – Breakfast by the Bae – The chilly mornings start with rare birds dropping by the resort for their usual errands. The Flutist adds the much needed morning melody setting the right tone for your day. Enjoy Live Breakfast by the Grill, these surroundings and your bae in the open air of Garden of Eden relishing your Favourite Spanish Eggs, American Pancakes, Dilli ke Chole Bathure or even Local Favourite Bun Tikki and Bun Omelette!
2 – Live Teppanyaki – Garden of Eden changes the Live Breakfast mood to an Asian/Teppan Grill by the day servicing upto 6 people at the Live Grill at a time showcasing some of its Top Asian and Teppanyaki offerings to the esteemed guests. The A La Carte Menu boasting of cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental and Mexican are also at the Guest’s disposal.
3 – Golden Evenings – Stroll down the Beautiful Jungle and stop by the Garden for yet another Face of its own. Experience Hot in Cold to strike the perfect balance to beat the weather. Head Basking in the Sun, Coffee or a Cocktail in one hand and the other beating to the uplifting tunes of Eden especially created for the Golden Evening.
4 – A Night to Remember – Garden of Eden turns the tide yet again to transform Harmonious evenings into a charade of Live Music, Bonfire Dance & Dinner. Soothing and Melodious Singing by the Live Singer over weekends, Genre of your Choice on Weekdays matched perfectly with Appetising and Mesmerising Food at your table which is kept warm by the Bonfire, grooving to your music; only leads to a Night of Remember!


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Everything Close By!

Above 6800ft. Sea level, The Jungle Resort is submerged in the Serenity & Scenic Beauty of Nainital. Tourist Spots like The Mall Road, Boat House Club and Eateries are only a 20 Min Walk whereas Famous Attractions such as the Sherwood College, The Famous ‘Bun Tikki’ Waala, Tiffin Top are only 10 mins away!
Away from the bustle of the city, The Resort offers absolute calmness which adds to the beautiful views of the jungle. Bird Watching in these serene surroundings are the most loved by the natives.

Easy Connectivity

The Resort is very well connected by road to all parts of the City. You can find us on Google Maps. Cabs run round the clock, Streets are viable, safe & guided to get to the Resort. From the Mall Road, we are only 10 mins away by car. The Property also offers ample Parking space within the Premises.